About Alice

Originally from the U.K I grew up in the woodlands of rural Herefordshire. With a passion for animals and the natural world I wanted to merge my two loves to create earth medicines to aid people & animal folk alike. I believe when we are in need of healing the plant we seek calls to us.

All my offerings are handmade with medicinal botanicals that are either organically grown & wild crafted on my land or ethically sourced. I only harvest what is needed as all my offerings are small batch. The rest is for the birds, butterflies and bees.

I began creating herbal remedies for my animals when my husband and I started a small animal sanctuary consisting of chickens, ducks, quail and an old mini pony called Icicle. We also have two rescue pups that benefit from my herbal creations too. 

I wanted to share these creations in the hope that people can feel more connected to themselves & their animal kin. All the creations I make for animals I also give to our animals at our sanctuary. From the earth and made with soul I fill my offerings with spirit & a grateful heart before they reach your hands.

All proceeds from my offerings go toward the upkeep and care of our beloved animals.

Welcome to the journey of plant healing.

With Love,